Tomoyo Daidouji Age: 10
Best friend: Sakura, of course! Other Friends: Naoko (Nikki), Chiharu (Chelsea), Yukito (Julian), Toya (Tori)
Sings Favorite hangouts: Anywhere Sakura is, Recording studio
Hobbies Video taping, taking pictures, making costumes, helping Sakura
Voice Actress I. Junko (adult) / Maggie Blue O'hara (10 or 11)

Tomoyo is the daughter of the President of Daidouji Toys Co. (her mother, Sonomi) and lives in a mansion. She has a room that has to parts, her bedroom and her home movie theater. She's an only child (from what I can tell) in a single parent household. We know nothing about her father. This is mentioned in episode 10, where Sakura also notices that Tomoyo doesn't even talk about her father. Sakura and Tomoyo are cousins (also revealed in Episode 10). Sorry Cardcaptor fans, she doesn't maintain or have a website (that we know about). Makes her seem more down to Earth in my opinion. But she can be a little too sweet. I worry anytime I see her with those twinkle eyes too. Her voice is higher than Sakura Kinomoto's.

English name: Madison Taylor French name: Tiffany

I know next to nothing about the french version of the character of Tomoyo, except that her name is Tiffany, which seems to be a better name for her in my book.
Anyways, Madison is also Sakura Avalon's best friend. She seems to be a little less obsessed with Sakura in the North American dub too. Her voice is slightly lower than Sakura's too.